"One of – if not THE – best places for seeing what can be accomplished with an aquarium." 

"The perfect blend of modern art masterpieces blended seamlessly with the allure of untamed nature. More of a living museum than the traditional pet store, this is one of the most impressive businesses I've ever had the privilege of visiting. Having traveled from the bayou with visiting this shop as the top of my itinerary (aside from work), it was a true pleasure. I am most jealous of any locals who are able to make regular visits to spruce up their aquaria. With absolutely certainty, I will be back and will be filling my bags with goodies to take home."

"It's great to see a store like this. It's a fusion of the 'old school' dedication and expertise of the tropical fish hobby combined with a stylish new look. Beautiful natural setups with healthy fish & live plants. I haven't kept fish in decades but I am re-inspired!"  

"A different experience than any other fish store in Seattle.  Aquarium Zen is more like a well kept public aquarium or an art gallery than a pet shop.  Steve knows his stuff, and only keeps the most interesting fish and plants."

"Best aquatic plant store I've been to."

"Absolutely wonderful shop.  The owner is skilled and knowledgeable and most of all willing to help a newbie like myself to the planted tank hobby.  He spent a good amount of time giving me suggestions and ways that I could get results without going for the most expensive thing.  His tanks look better than anything I've seen at an aquarium.  A must see shop!"

"Wonderful place.  The aquariums are beautiful...all hand-created with natural plants.  Steven is terrific, helped my children and me select everything, taught us how to set things up and gave us his card in case we had problems.  I thought the pricing was very reasonable and the result is beautiful.  I'm now going to buy another one for my office, too. I never expected to do that!  Steve is an artist – you can tell he loves what he's doing, and he's doing it for the right reasons.  You've got to support that!"

"Steve was so patient and helpful. His shop is a wonderland. He was straightforward and encouraging. I'm telling everyone I know about this shop."

“I had a ton of questions which Steve was happy to answer and he didn't make me feel rushed. The selection of fish, plants, and substrates are great! I was a loyal customer to [another Seattle area LFS] but I found a new wonderful place that I feel confident will provide me the best customer service and products.  I will continue to take the hour-and-a-half drive here since its worth it.”

"The owner is very helpful, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Amazing to find such excellent customer service nowadays! So, appreciate his experience that is shared.  No weird upsale tactics. Healthy quality fish and plants. Reasonable prices too.  Great experience all around.  Thanks!   What more can you ask for?”

"So glad I found this place as I am new to planted tanks. The owner is skilled, knowledgable, friendly and extremely helpful. He didn't try to sell my anything that might have been out of my skill level and advised me on CO2 strategies I might use.  It is a pleasure walking around the shop – it looks better than most zoo setups!"