Aquarium Zen is inspired by nature and hopes to share with our customers an appreciation for the wonders of life on earth.  


A novel way of expressing that love for nature is through an artfully designed aquascape.  Everything is connected in nature and we see our aquascaping business as an opportunity to affect people positively and to make the world a better place, even in a small way.  If even a small portion of our clients leave Aquarium Zen with a better appreciation for the interrelationships of plants, fish, aquatic ecosystems and the stewardship of nature, we will have done our job.   

As part of our commitment to nature, we choose small, grassroots conservation organizations to support both monetarily and with our volunteered time.  Our current focus is tropical montane cloud forest conservation.  

The cloud forest environments are magical places filled with moss-covered trees, exotic birds, rare amphibians,  exuberant vegetation and cascading mountain streams – great inspiration for our aquarium designs.  Through our efforts, we have helped a cloud forest reserve in Ecuador gain important publicity and raised funds for significant land purchases.